Back to The Basics, Diary of a Yogini

Strolling through Instagram these days, you find all kinds of impressive images of humans all over the world doing unimaginable things and preaching about expanding consciousness and connecting to various different spiritual outlets. As far as trends go, the heightened popularity of Yoga and Meditation in recent years has taken a whole new page into the way of the modern life.

As we all embark on this self development journey, lets remember how to help others, and to do this is is not by creating our expanded awareness into something unfathomable for those who simply see things a different way, but rather, bring it down into a language that can hopefully spark their own truth, in a moment of awakening their being.

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Be Yourself, See Yourself, Free Yourself

So often these days, society complains of various imbalances, high stress, low immunity function, digestive disorders, and lack of energy, while attempting to keep up with this high functioning materialistic mentality we all live in today.

Furthermore, as we deny these subtle signs our body sends us, more room we allow for toxins to grow, thus, we plow through stressful situations, denying ourselves the time to process emotions, rather, repress them, and sweep them under a metaphorical mat. Traumas from childhood, to defining life milestone events, we as society have been programmed to simply stay tough, be strong, empower oneself with your work status, financial status, friend status, relationship status, all the while trying our best to fit into some kind of norm.

So many folks recently have been also experiencing these “burnouts” of letting the kettle boil long enough that it tosses the lid off the stove. Heated, and impulsive, then we find ourselves bursting out at the seams of hope and scream on the inside with desperation for change. Change we are not even sure we seek for, but unwilling any longer to go either direction.

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Relationship Coaching & Therapy

Here are the long awaited coaching sessions. I am happy to finally offer Online Relationship Coaching and Therapy sessions.

Do you feel like you are hitting a wall creatively? Is there a blockage in the growth of your relationship? Are you and your loved one drifting apart and you cannot seem to understand why? Are you feeling lost and alone?

Let me help you break through your mental and emotional stagnancies in your relationships with yourself and others.

Together we can work through the patterns in your communication, awareness and perception of self and others, as we use various cognitive behavioral modalities to enhance the human life experience, and get you on the path of your truth and creative expression with yourself and significant others.

These sessions are designed to help you reach your highest potential and strip away the breaks of your life. Let’s reach deep within to manifest and unlock your core frequency and alignment, by uncovering your past traumas that stand in the way of your present and future self.

There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotions

— Carl Jung

The sessions are 45-60min live and interactive. During this time we will practice active listening and response. Included are various guided meditations, goal oriented plan outlines and much much more.

FREE Consultation sessions are now available. Contact us to schedule your spot.

Looking forward to hold the space you need to begin your transformation.

Loving Yourself – The Debate of The Mind

How do I love myself? How do I show care for myself? How do I treat everything I do with love toward the very being I am?

We tend to walk this earth like we are going to live forever, as if life is infinite. And most of this life we spend comparing ourselves to others, stuck in the duality of good or bad, better or worse, measuring our failures and successes against our family and friends. At the end of the day, all we do is reflect. Reflect our own truth, that we most often refuse to face, refuse to see. Disillusioned by our mind’s conditioning of how life is to be, we resist. Resist change, resist even our own intuition, our own inner guide.

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Kids Yoga in Bali

Life is clever and wild, equipped with twists and turns, ups and downs lefts and rights. It’s all a matter of attitude really. From our attitude we build our intentions, and those intentions manifest the world we live in, the thoughts we cultivate, the feelings we feel.

I recently have been focusing on changing my attitude toward what it means to look toward the future whilst caressing the kind present with and its offerings. Basking into this leisure lifestyle overjoyed with mesmerizing spiritual anecdotes that manifest in the people, places and situations that become my focus point, I have found my way to Bali, the land of the Gods. Surely this must be true, as this island whispers magic thru its green spreads of jungle and rice terraces. Born with ocean side cliffs, limestones and wild breaking waves, this place sips on the god-like potion, honoring its Gods. The local Balinese, prominently Hindu, offer daily ceremonies for protection of their wellness and home.

From waterfront villages in the south such as Uluwatu and Canngu, attracting the surfer culture, to the spiritual Mecca in midst jungle, Ubud, Bali surely has a little bit for every kind of being.

The romance of this island is in the air, and the romance is with nature, from sprawling dramatic sunsets playfully lighting up the sky, to magical night walks with fireflies. I have fallen for every step I took on this island. Unspeakably vibrating warmth, kindness and love.

From the South to the North, only a few hours of wheezing through thick greens and hillside views, I have arrived then in Lovina Beach, famous for the calm ocean, and dolphin watching. Attracting mostly older tourists, finding peace of the busy party-like world one might find in Kuta and Seminyak.

There I acquainted yet my favorite local, a woman full of power and strength, well connected in the community and yet with a lions heart, ready to pounce at the world ahead.

This heart of gold has manifested a Bali Children Foundation, offering sponsorship for local underprivileged children to get education. And if that isn’t magical enough, Let’s Imagine Inc. has partnered with this foundation to offer an alternative education thru yoga camps, spiritual awareness, and environmental practices. These children after all , are our future. Their ability to strip down the precondition of choices, attachments and belief systems, but rather find their own path, is crucial to the growth of our world, and one that helps save the planet from its current destruction…. No pressure kids. 🙂

I was honored to be a part of this project and leading a group of kids through the basics of yoga, breath-work, arts and crafts, and meditation.

Even in such a short time such as this week long camp, there is a slight change in awareness that happens among the kids. The kind of receptiveness that opens up their tiny untainted hearts. So, imagine this to be a global mission, with months long camps all over the world, engaging bright little minds to think for themselves, feel for themselves and simply be aware of themselves and their surroundings. Mindful growth is just the minimum we can offer at this time to allow the shift of this Earth to recuperate.

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On Sacred Geometry

I recently visited Sophia, a city in Bulgaria, where I happily ran into friends I had met in Thailand just months before.

Their kindness and amazing company offered a mini tour around some of the most spiritually welcoming spots in Sophia. Such is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the heart of the city, that follows architecture revered by the sacred geometry law, amplifying the energetic frequency of its grounding and through its architecture. Thus, known for its highly spiritual landmark, this place is offering quite mystical and healing energy to its visitors.      

Aleksandar Nevsky Cathedral is one of the largest Eastern Ortodox Cathedrals, and can hold about 5000 people inside. Built between 1882-1912, 

Returning to Thailand then, I came across various indications about sacred geometry.  Such is my friend’s design for a retreat center space, based on a Pyramid shaped structure.

“Ok Mathematics”, I thought; “you got my attention!” Now I am curious to understand what, in fact, is sacred geometry? Mathematicians always believed in scientific facts and in fact, most claim to be atheist as the belief in higher power is not necessarily their perspective.  However, not all can be explained, and even in mathematics there are mysteries accepted and labeled by matematicians as universal facts. Such are, the number “pi” and “i”, and furthermore, square roots of 2 and 3, and golden ratios, fractals, spirals, spheres etc. All of these encompass the code of the universe and what is deemed as sacred geometry. It is the geometry of the universe. Everything in this world seems to follow the simple law of these mysterious geometric figures and ambiguous numbers.

“The Code”  has also been explored as a cinematic concept, and most recent is the Netflix 3 part documentary that covers exactly this, the mystery of the world in a mathematical equation. Seeing this documentary, surely brought me closer to understanding a world of a matematician, and perhaps their point of view when looking at the world.

From this docuseries,  I was most fascinated by the understanding of “fractals”, explained as never-ending patterns. Fractals are infinitely complex, and self- similar patterns across  different scales. Such is the space ratios of branches spreading towards, and against the sky. This image (below) is just one idea that explains Jackson Pollock’s astounding art style, referred to most often as drip painting. He was a major figure in the abstract expressionism movement in the 1930’s and 40’s. No one seemed to figure out how he was able to create his seemingly childish paintings with such mathematical precision. Yet, no one was able to imitate his work. My question is, was Mr. Pollock aware that his paintings resembled an essence to the understanding of the worlds mystery? Was he conscious of creating fractals? Suddenly I found myself with an urge to visit a museum featuring his work. Or even simply gazing in the sky, I began to realize possibly where he saw his inspiration.

Jackson Pollock, a recluse, living 1912-1956, died at age 44 in a drunk driving relatead accident. Following the standard of a tortured artist, with heavy forms of addiction, his being alcohol among other things. 

Furthermore, the documentary explores bees, and their precise ability to create the perfect shaped octagons each measuring 1.6mm, a number often repetitive in nature. 

Even more curious for me, are spirals. Spirals resemble a growth, a way of life. And have been used in religion and spirituality as a very sacred symbol. Mathematically, spirals were discovered or rather labeled, by an Italian matematician Leonardo Fibonacci. Today spirals are mathematically known as the “Fibonacci Sequence”, the unwrapping of a line in specifically ordered geometrical shapes. The beauty of this  mathematical discovery is the explanation of life on earth. Everything spirals out. A flower when it blooms, a leaf, a centipede, even a child in the mothers womb. 

Spirals then, represent a spiritual and physical growth, a connection to the mystical all around us. Growth from material outward unconscious existence, toward the spiritual inward achievement of collective consciousness. It is a symbol of big concepts, such as creation, consciousness,  evolution, life. It represents surrendering, letting go, and releasing of all tightness in life. Spirals bring about sense of change, progress, connectivity and union with cosmic energies. 

I personally might be slightly obsessed with spirals as to me, they are the representation of welcoming transformation, life change, opening up to the realms of spirituality, transcending from material to spiritual if you will.

What do geometric figures represent for you? How do you identify with the natural shapes of that which sorround us, that carries out its own weight of energy that shifts ours?


Fear of Death

What is death? How does fear of death manifest in societies? How does it manifest in each person, in consciousness? How does it really look like in people?

I recently set out to observe how this fear creates the drive in humans. The drive known as fight or flight in nature. To my surprise, when you overstimulate a point of view it becomes just about the only thing you see.

A friendly discussion regarding daily irritations and anger spun out the web of this idea to really break down what it is that we fear about death.

Who or what actually dies anyway?

So, I began to observe the behaviors of people around me. Most of them are completely unaware how much expressing their opinions is heavily influenced by the societal disfunction of domesticated belief systems; all of which harness 2 distinct emotional patterns. The pattern toward acceptance which is the emotion of Love, and the pattern toward non-acceptance, or rejection which is the emotion of fear. In fact, all emotion stems from these two sources. Love, and Fear, as is the duality of the world we live in.

Fear carries on a plethora of familiar emotion all on its own. Attachments, greed, hate, anger, sadness, denial… all belong to this fear. Fear manifests in the mind. The mind has the power to create a fascinating story that it then believes in its own self created absolutes.

And so then, the fear comes in when we believe we got something to lose. The forms of loss are also certain stories of attachments woven by the mind, the ego, that conscious part of ours that narrates in our head, the world we see.

For example, lets say I am attached to my identity as a “bad ass chic”.

My belief of a bad ass chic materially expressed, is wearing leather, black mascara, and smoke a pack a day. Therefore, for me to change habits such as smoking, would mean I have to change my identity, or in such case… Lose this ideal of “being a badass chic” because I no longer smoke. “I cannot kick such an addiction as cigarettes because it is who I am”, says the ego.

This in fact is just a fine example of how the concept of fearing death comes about. You see, it is not death we fear, but the death of our identity, attachments and belief systems created by our insatiable minds that truly keep us away from reaching our truth, our honest fulfilling and loving potential, our essence.

Love brings surrender and acceptance to yourself and all that surrounds you. Allows a tranquil state of being, and it derives a purpose to heal and help others feel this type of serenity. Most of us of course are not nearly as balanced like this all the time, but rather range thru our cycle of emotions.

All other emotion that raises a negative feeling in our social norms is fear. From fear anger is born. From fear hatred, sadness, guilt, and all that pains us emotionally is born. From fear, suffering is born. Because of the fear humans mindlessly attach to, wars and suffering of Mother Earth persists.

Without fear, however, we will know no limits, and we will not recognize love, because we are concentrated on a dualistic form of existence. The two allow the perfect duality of our world and capability of your universal consciousness today.

However, that is not the absolute truth, you see; because all is relative.

There are 7 realms of human consciousness. Having all of humanity reach that 7th consciousness, requires the use of more than 10% of our brains that we are currently capable of using. Tapping into higher consciousness can allow a new state of being, thus there, duality might no longer be the socially acceptable means of rationing our daily existence.

Pay attention to your mind next time you come across a fork of contradicting decisions, in social, personal and professional environments. Pay attention to how you approach new challenges, whether be it a physical task, or someone simply challenging your current belief system. Where do you begin? A place of fear, to defend your ground, or a place of love, to accept and understand the challenge?

Fears stem from the unknowing, Unknowing is really a fear of the mind, the judge and jury, the executioner of moods, and choices. The mind, who cannot feel, cannot touch and cannot see.

I find Allan Watts to be just excellent at explaining this mis-connection society tends to have with the mind, and as that I will end this debate;

We seldom realise, for example, that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.– Allan Watts

August New Moon, 2018

New Moon was born on August 12th during a Perseids Meteor Shower. The dark side of the moon lingered in Leo sign, allowing for the fiery cat to roar in the dark sky, just before settling in for a peaceful meditation of intention setting.

The Meteor Shower

Perseids meteor shower happens every year during the months of July and August. Most visible in the Northern hemisphere, it was given it’s name due to the point from which the meteors judd off – the Perseus constellation.

How does the August Sky affect You?

Well, it’s not just the August sky but rather , this whole year is a turn of transformation, with its repetitiveness of lunar and solar eclipses, drastic energy changes in the universe, with aligning planets and shooting stars, retrograding motions, blood moons and super moons. It is quite intense time to be alive. After all, we are the cosmos you see, so all that happens up there, happens inside each of us. We’ve translated these shifts of energy into emotions, feelings, and other physical body related manifestations.
The moon is the ebb and flow of the sky as it moves like water, so it influences the water inside of us. As humans we are made of approximately 70-80% water. And water, fluidity represents our emotions. In other words, we are made up of 70% of emotions, that dictate our attitude towards ourselves and surroundings.
So, look up at the sky before making life altering decisions, pay close attention to how and when the drive to do drastic changes occurs. Be aware of the connectedness that surrounds you. Life is happening right now.



Synchronize, Vibrate, Recalibrate


Meditation often has confusing explanations in terms of what really means to meditate. I often thought meditation had to be some special set of thoughts that I just did not have thus practicing it sounded more or less boring, a waste of time really.

A while back I attended this community course in Santa Monica CA, at the Dharma Punks school ( a society created by a reformed punk, now offering the space thru the practice of spirituality, meditation and other rituals, to those who share a feeling of being lost and forgotten in the world, providing a safe place for self-healing)

I attended a meditation, where I sat in a chair with my eyes closed listening to this calming voice of the facilitator, guiding a group of us through a realization meditation. The entire time I was so focused of not falling off the chair, as my entire body felt like it was spinning, my mind was weightless floating in an abyss of stars and my thoughts were scattered. Even breathing was so complicated due to  the overpowered feeling of awareness of such automatic processes. The meditation ended, and I opened my eyes, to find myself perfectly still in the chair, nowhere near falling over. An entire 30 minutes went by?? I was shocked, impressed and slightly proud of myself, for sitting still for so long.

After it was over, I was walking home and found myself feeling light on my feet. The colors of plants, trees and flowers around me appeared brighter, accentuated. The sounds of cars, birds, and people around felt sharper. As if I just completed a neural tune up, my senses were so pure in a way.

 From this day on, things happened in a progressive matter. Although, I never made it back to Dharma Punks for another meditation session or any other amazing classes that they offered, I did find myself practicing yoga quite regularly, and attended these quite reviving sound bath sessions. I suddenly found myself ringing from inside out. Like the ripples a drop makes in the water. Today I realize, that what happened, is the change in vibration within me.



 Every matter on this planet in this universe has a frequency. A vibration that resonates with other matters it interacts with. In other words, matter is created of energy. Energy is measured in vibrational frequency. Low vibrations resonate with low energy, and high vibrations with high energy. This is not to say of low and high in the most literal terms. A hyper, caffeinated person might appear to have high energy, but in fact it might just be syphening the energy of others, while vibrating on low energetic frequency.

 Once you understand that the universe is just an exchange of vibrational energy of matter, separateness disappears, as we are all the same matter dancing vibrationally to different frequencies. Bouncing off one another. Thus creating synchronicities. These synchronicities, are like nature’s guidance toward a certain path your change in vibration moves toward.

For example, we are all a form of a spiral, known as the fibonnacci symbol, or the spiral of life. Once awareness occurs, a waking follows, and our vibrational energy begins unfolding, thus creating a set of tracks we might be on.

According to a sleuth of  books and other readings from the likes of Alan Watts, Eckart Tolle, Michael Singer etc, we find that this understanding about our universe in fact is the beginning of our own understanding of how we fit in this great big blue and green.