Gut Talks And Dis-Ease

“Undigested food in the body is the root cause of disease.”

The Ayurveda Encyclopedia

How long does it take for our awareness to kick in, before we begin respond to our body’s alerts in order to cure, shift, and resist an ailment?

We never really look at what it is we consume, and how the consumed is digesting before examining the aftermath of our symptoms that are causing dis-ease.

So if you look at your history and behavior with food you can, like a detective investigating a murder, uncover your own process of undigested food inside your intestines that has begun feeding the bad bacteria in the gut, thus allowing for toxin build up. In Ayurveda this toxin build up is known as Ama.

Once the toxins grow in your gut, the rest of your functions become compromised, starting with an overstimulated immune system, exaggerated adrenal functions, leading to respiratory challenges that compromise the oxygen amounts in the vital organs from which various elements create imbalance. Then, Ama begins moving, finding the weakest link in the system to settle into and grow. Further we ignore these internal occurrences, deeper the problem grows, until it begins manifesting as physical symptoms perceivable with the senses, of physical visual, and auditory form of pain, such as skin infections and inflammations, bone sensitivity and soreness, chest pains, muscle aches, headaches, and so on. 

Ignoring such physical symptoms causes stress on the body, that manifests through sleep disturbances, anxiety, high cortisol levels leading to stress, worry and fear, and before you know it, your body mind and soul have found themselves in a knot of complications, completely out of balance with the natural elements outside and inside our bodies, and out of synch with nature, where the biological clocks, circadian rhythms and all other cycles of our inner functions have been compromised and performing with difficulty.

Awareness of food consumption, a primary source of energy that powers our bodies and their daily functions.

Did you know that a steak dinner takes roughly 72 hours for the body to fully digest, absorb assimilate and dispense it? And how much food do you regularly consume on top of that steak during that same 72 hour period?

How do we become aware of the effects of the food we eat?

We live in an age where there is an abundance of food. Thus food has become something “you do” at a certain time of day, rather than a means for nutrition, energy and survival. 

We have truly taken for granted the ability to allow our mind to dictate cravings, and also the means to satisfy the mind’s cravings, without actually consulting with the actual organs that have to deal with processing, assimilating and absorbing the consumption of said craving.

Do you actually know what hunger feels like?

We have become so distant from our bodies, and so occupied in our minds that when the body begins to give us internal and even external cues that something is not right, we miss this completely.

Think about maintaining your car. Now your car has all of these fancy lights and buttons in the dashboard that light up when the machine under the hood isn’t running properly. Especially new cars these days, they really have every backup system set in place to keep you informed about the tin box  where you are spending most of your time in, ( especially if you live in a city like Los Angeles where traffic and driving yourself places is mandatory for survival hehe )

How many times have you been in a situation where the “check engine” light has turned on and you simply told yourself, “ahh its nothing, probably a trivial problem, I will keep driving”

When the gas light goes on, how long do you wait till you finally say; “ahh ok I shall put gas now.” 

And even still, the oil levels … Now this one is a killer, because it’s like a silent button, that registers no oil in the car and you still find ways to drive it past its properly functioning abilities? Because, at the end of the day, it’s just a piece of machinery, it should sustain this trauma, right?

In recent years, the high demand of work has turned humans into robots, consistently pushing the physical boundaries to sustain a high stress mental capacity, whilist neglecting the primary symptoms of our bodily functions, as deemed irrelevant by the mind. Suddenly governed by thoughts and ideas of our mind bottled up into an illusory reality far away from the actual human machine that is carrying out this life. 

When the car dies on you, on the side of the road due to no oil, or gas for several more miles than necessary, now smoke comes from underneath the hood, and the car has overheated?

Body Burnout

The body goes through a similar “burnout”, where you suddenly find yourself restless, sleep deprived, overwhelmed with anxiety, with a bathroom cabinet full of all kinds of chemically induced medication to prevent the symptoms you are currently experiencing, and feeling stuck because you are no longer sure why is it that you go to that job you despise every day, fake your smiles,  and numbing the self by the indulge in alcoholic beverages in the evening. All of it has a crash point, and that is when the body overheats and you collapse onto yourself, completely asleep to the reality that you feared of having in the first place!

So let’s say you wake up and realize it’s time to change the way you live your life. 

What’s the first thing you ought to do?

Well let’s think of this in terms of computer technology.

You open your computer in the morning, and open 20 tabs in your browser, some are reading news, others are your email account, some have moving graphics and running commercials, on another tab you are streaming/ listening to YouTube channels, while in the background the computer’s maintenance updates are running all the while in the same time, you are downloading a movie on Netflix.

What happens next? Your computer freezes, the internet is slow, and you get one of those notifications regarding automatic restart of the computer due to an unknown problem occurring.

So, in short, this is what happens to your body in the long run, by simply being unaware of it.

I am sure you are familiar with the phrase, “you are what you eat”? How often does society acknowledge, accept and understand this phrase while applying it to their own lives? Rarely.

We rarely apply what we learn to ourselves, as most often we learn in a factual sense of knowledge; information memorialization, but rarely do we truly understand and apply the knowledge within our direct existence.

Do you walk your talk?

Dis-ease begins in the gut, on a subtle and cellular level. By the time it reaches our consciousness the problem has moved to other parts of the body, now making it more difficult to diagnose the root cause, like chasing a bad lead in a murder investigation.

We as human beings eat too much. Food has become a social event, a schedule based event, an emotional balancing need, a satisfaction seeking craving, a distraction. These reasons to consume are not reasons for nutrition. They are based on the pleasure senses in the brain, nothing to do with the physical need for energy. In fact that is secondary, and often overlooked reason to consume. Thus, overconsumption overpowers the vital organs and their functions, and although we are perfect and perfectly functioning as humans, this system if overstimulated for a prolonged time, creates imbalances, and eventually crashes, just like your computer when overexerting.

There are certain perpetual cycles that we get stuck in. An emotional cycle that causes us to overeat, particularly unhealthy and processed foods. Chemically imbalanced cycles that mostly begin also in the gut, that once we are in it, we feel helpless to get out of it, such as the self medicated ways of sleeping pills, antidepressants and other types of benzodiazepines.

Not to mention the social pressures of the collective consciousness and mainstream media, that feeds us all kinds of psychological derangements, starting with superficial types of attractiveness and body dysmorphia.

But all of it, really is connected together to simply the gut, and your Microbiome, which in fact, is your true brain of operations for your body.

The question is, what do you do when ALL systems have been thrown out of their regular programming?

Where do you begin? Which doctor should you follow? The Dietitian? The Psychiatrist, Neurologist, or Physician ?

Begin to listen to your own true nature, and essence within, by quieting the mind. 

Listen to your true self

To regain your balance, first we begin by breaking our current habits, shifting our energetics and thus creating the space to allow the body to heal back to balance, 

We begin slowly, to shift one thing at a time in each compartment of our existence, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Soon you will realize that the body will naturally follow this shift and rhythm of healing.

Here is worth to mention that Nothing is Permanent, and change is inevitable, proven over and over in nature, with the change of seasons, leaves and trees, cycles of Birth and Death. Our minds have the power to rewire our processes in our bodies and thus bring us out of sync with nature. It’s up to us, the silent awareness within our being to shift this separation from mind and body, and connect back with nature, eat to fulfill physical rather than mental hunger, and seek nutrition in our everyday being rather than cover up repress and drown all that we have been to conditioned to believe as weakness and vulnerability, such as emotions, influences, and definitions based on societal norms in a fast paced society.

Begin simply, begin slowly, begin with awareness and observation, and deeper the awareness grows, the louder the body shall speak. 

Listen to nature, your body, your essence, as you return back into the presence of your being.

Mother Nature is full of gifts, embrace her and carry out her gifts as the energy needed for your fully functioning body and optimal existence.

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