The Ayurvedic Path

1-1 Initiation of your Path

An information gathering session, where I work with you in establishing your constitution “Prakruti’ state, and how you have diverged from this natural balance. Creating a personalized chart then, we establish a base of daily activities, diet, and lifestyle pattern that best suits to return you back to your balanced state. Through Diet, Lifestyle, Trauma Awareness and Bodywork, Movement, and Pranayama, we work out the root causes of imbalance in a process of re-synching with nature, and re-stabilizing the mind. After the initial 90 minute session you will receive a personalized plan and practices to follow in the upcoming weeks that will start you off in creating a new healthy relationship with yourself and the environment. Should you wish to be guided every step of the way, and implementing the Ayurvedic principles in your day to day activities, go straight to Lifestyle Management (program below). This step by step program is a guided approach to rituals and how to utilize proper use of diet, herbs, exercise, pranayama and an awareness toward your overall wellness and life balance.


Ayurveda means the science of life. It is an ancient science from Vedic scriptures that uncovers the universal principles of life on this Earth. When we are in flow and in tune with our being, we are healthy, strong, full of love and determination. Our current societal expectations, lifestyles and pressures have shifted the human kind from their connection with nature and its five elements, thus irregularities and dis-ease began to grow among populations. By looking at the root of your irregularity together we bring balance to the elements in your being. Using various Ayurvedic and western psychology modalities you uncover hidden parts of yourself and thus harness your true potential. Lifestyle change begins in the mind. It begins with surrendering to the flow of your nature. From the mind we travel to the gut, establishing awareness and importance of nutrition, including food, water, air, influences, environmental, physical and psychological factors. 

The following options are designed to gently bring you into a space of healing, without forcing, or deeply committing to something you are not ready for. Simply cracking the door open into the wholesome essence of you within, step by step.

The Ayurvedic Journey encompasses everything, but here it is broken into parts, according to your commitment, financial ability, and dedication to the process of healing.

Follow Up Sessions for basic Diet and Lifestyle Path.

These are 60 minute coaching sessions that serve as a support system to your mental physical, emotional and spiritual growth and well being. Multi modalities are used to encompass a holistic wellness and understanding of your needs.


Lifestyle Management – A minimum of a 4 week Deep Dive to your True Self

Do you feel completely out of balance? Your mind is racing? Your digestion is poor? You’r eating habits are poor and irregular? You often find yourself with issues of bloating, bad breath, irregular bowel movements? Are you suffering from mild depression? Sleeping in late? Lack of motivation? Then, this program is for you. This is a complete, custom-designed, and routine establishing program based on your needs, worries and focus points. I meet you where you are and guide you toward an aligned, connected, supported, and rejuvinated version of yourself.


What it includes:

  • Assessment of current complaints and lifestyle
  • Medical and Family history / Ancestry patterns
  • Understanding your Prakruti and Vikruti
  • Reconnecting to your habits and routine patterns
  • Managing Stress, and Behavior Rejuvination tools
  • Weekly outlines, follow ups, routine checkins
  • Step by step multi modality support and guidance.
  • Understanding of the Ayurvedic Principles and Your BodyMind
  • Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork techniques to support Prana
  • Weekly Yoga (additional cost)
  • CBT, NLP and Gestalt Therapy Techniques
  • Establishing a relationship with your inner body language
  • Knowledge of food, diet, lifestyle, exercise and body energetics
  • Trauma Informed Approach to Healing methodologies

Healthy Me, Life Coaching 3 Months +

This program is an ongoing Life Coaching program. It encompasses the initial 1 -1 session, following the intensive 30day Ayur- life and eases into a more in depth monthly follow thru. It encompasses all previous packages in one bulk cost over 3+ month span. It focuses on your primary needs in your personal and work life to establish a strong mental, physical and emotional health through exercise, nutrition, social interaction and relationships strengthening with modalities in raising motivation, creativity and Inspiration. Price listed is the bulk cost for the first three months. It includes weekly webinars, daily routine planning and habits forming, goals and progress discussions, therapy and various tools and modalities to reach your highest potential and shift your awareness.


A Discovery Call is a way to get to know each other and find out if this is the right path for you. Take time for yourself. Uncover the ways to healthy, vibrant you.

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