Your Constitution – Prakriti Quiz

Prakruti / Dosha Analysis Quiz helps you understand your Constitution, and Elemental predominance composition. The results explain what elements are more likely to go out of balance first, in seasonal changes, work-life changes, circadian rhythm changes etc.

It is important to keep in mind your average life behavior when answering the following questions in order to determine your constitution.

**Please consider the overall lifespan of your being rather than your current state. 

If you only focus on your current state, your answer will show you Vikriti, the current imbalance you are in.

** if more than one option applies per question, select them all, and count them in your end results accordingly. Once completed, count how many answers of each (a, b or c) you have.

Physical Features

  1. Take your hand and with the pinky and thumb wrap your fingers around your wrist. 
    1. My fingers overlap
    2. My fingers barely touch
    3. My fingers are far apart 
  1. My overall body frame and strength is:
    1. Narrow and Thin general low strength
    2. Medium body medium strength
    3. Large and thick body high strength
  1. My skin is
    1. Translucent, dry, easily wrinkles and cracks
    2. Oily, reddish and sweaty. Prone to acne
    3. Thick, fair, cold to touch, pale and moist
  1. My Hair and Body Hair situation is
    1. Thin , dry and brittle hair, barely any body hair 
    2. Oily scalp but dry hair ends early grey hairs, body hair is at max 
    3. Thick voluminous hair, grows quickly, body hair is normal amount
  1. My Eyes are
    1. Small and curious, tend to feel dry
    2. Medium. I am told i have an intense look, often get red eyes 
    3. Large eyes moist and calming 
  1. My shoulders and chest are
    1. Narrow bottle shaped shoulders and sunken chest
    2. Squareish prominent shoulders and medium flat chest
    3. Large broad and muscular shoulders and protruding chest

Physiological features

  1. My appetite is generally
    1. Irregular, changes with emotional states
    2. Sharp. I am hungry often and can digest fast
    3. Low. I eat once or twice a day, my metabolism is slow
  1. My toilet time is
    1. Irregular. I tend to be constipated
    2. Quick. I go to toilet daily  and often twice in a day. My stool is soft and quick
    3. Slow, I spend long time on the toilet. 
  1. Knowledge absorption
    1. I learn things fast, but often forget
    2. I am passionate and focused when absorbing information I am interested in. I have photographic memory
    3. I have a hard time learning new things but once I do I memorize it very well
  1. My sleep and dreams are
    1. Wild dreams. I dream of happening things but my sleep is shallow.
    2. Passion filled and firey. I am the superhero in my dreams. But rarely remember them and sleep deep short hours. 
    3. I like my sleep. I have dreams of water and greenery.
  1.  I am influenced by
    1. Different beliefs  and my mind changes easily 
    2. My own mind. I have definite/ extreme opinions
    3. Inspiring thoughts. I have my beliefs but willing to have an open mind.

TOTAL # of 1’s; 2’s; and 3’s ?

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