Fear of Death

What is death? How does fear of death manifest in societies? How does it manifest in each person, in consciousness? How does it really look like in people?

I recently set out to observe how this fear creates the drive in humans. The drive known as fight or flight in nature. To my surprise, when you overstimulate a point of view it becomes just about the only thing you see.

A friendly discussion regarding daily irritations and anger spun out the web of this idea to really break down what it is that we fear about death.

Who or what actually dies anyway?

So, I began to observe the behaviors of people around me. Most of them are completely unaware how much expressing their opinions is heavily influenced by the societal disfunction of domesticated belief systems; all of which harness 2 distinct emotional patterns. The pattern toward acceptance which is the emotion of Love, and the pattern toward non-acceptance, or rejection which is the emotion of fear. In fact, all emotion stems from these two sources. Love, and Fear, as is the duality of the world we live in.

Fear carries on a plethora of familiar emotion all on its own. Attachments, greed, hate, anger, sadness, denial… all belong to this fear. Fear manifests in the mind. The mind has the power to create a fascinating story that it then believes in its own self created absolutes.

And so then, the fear comes in when we believe we got something to lose. The forms of loss are also certain stories of attachments woven by the mind, the ego, that conscious part of ours that narrates in our head, the world we see.

For example, lets say I am attached to my identity as a “bad ass chic”.

My belief of a bad ass chic materially expressed, is wearing leather, black mascara, and smoke a pack a day. Therefore, for me to change habits such as smoking, would mean I have to change my identity, or in such case… Lose this ideal of “being a badass chic” because I no longer smoke. “I cannot kick such an addiction as cigarettes because it is who I am”, says the ego.

This in fact is just a fine example of how the concept of fearing death comes about. You see, it is not death we fear, but the death of our identity, attachments and belief systems created by our insatiable minds that truly keep us away from reaching our truth, our honest fulfilling and loving potential, our essence.

Love brings surrender and acceptance to yourself and all that surrounds you. Allows a tranquil state of being, and it derives a purpose to heal and help others feel this type of serenity. Most of us of course are not nearly as balanced like this all the time, but rather range thru our cycle of emotions.

All other emotion that raises a negative feeling in our social norms is fear. From fear anger is born. From fear hatred, sadness, guilt, and all that pains us emotionally is born. From fear, suffering is born. Because of the fear humans mindlessly attach to, wars and suffering of Mother Earth persists.

Without fear, however, we will know no limits, and we will not recognize love, because we are concentrated on a dualistic form of existence. The two allow the perfect duality of our world and capability of your universal consciousness today.

However, that is not the absolute truth, you see; because all is relative.

There are 7 realms of human consciousness. Having all of humanity reach that 7th consciousness, requires the use of more than 10% of our brains that we are currently capable of using. Tapping into higher consciousness can allow a new state of being, thus there, duality might no longer be the socially acceptable means of rationing our daily existence.

Pay attention to your mind next time you come across a fork of contradicting decisions, in social, personal and professional environments. Pay attention to how you approach new challenges, whether be it a physical task, or someone simply challenging your current belief system. Where do you begin? A place of fear, to defend your ground, or a place of love, to accept and understand the challenge?

Fears stem from the unknowing, Unknowing is really a fear of the mind, the judge and jury, the executioner of moods, and choices. The mind, who cannot feel, cannot touch and cannot see.

I find Allan Watts to be just excellent at explaining this mis-connection society tends to have with the mind, and as that I will end this debate;

We seldom realise, for example, that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.– Allan Watts

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