Transform Vulnerabilities into Strengths through Tantra

Tantra is a tool to expand your limitations and boundaries beyond your current understanding. Born within the space of Buddhist Philosophy, Tantra was a fraught topic of the esoteric vehicle. It is the Arts of accelerating self and the world development of the Boddhisatva Path.

Through the practice of Tantra, one speeds the process of enlightenment, thus stripping away at the sense of attachment, idealism, and ego self .

Tantra is the awareness of all that you hide from yourself.

Tantra is that which you bury behind the ego that separates you from that universal truth, your truth. In other words Tantra is the emptiness Buddhist scriptures talk about in meditations. It is the nothingness of becoming. It is the culmination of oneness.

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you feel weakness, that leads to shame, and a sense of withdrawal and repression of emotions?

How often do you retreat, regret, and behave less than what you are really about? Who and what influences you, distracts you and brings doubts within you?

How often do you move from a place of lack rather than a place of love?

To be whole, to be full and complete is to be aware of that which you wish to hide from the world. The very thing you are hiding from others, is also what you are hiding from yourself.

Why do you believe there is something to hide?

Why do you believe you are unwell? 

Where is the root of such thinking such beliefs?

Are you ready to unpack the roots of your preconditions and uncover your vulnerabilities?

Lets review the aspects of ourselves that we think make us weak in the eyes of others.

With the tools of understanding you shall uncover how to take back your power, and harness it in any situation no matter the environmental, emotional and social patterns that you feel vulnerable toward.

Let’s begin discussing your joys, your wealth of thoughts, your happiness.

Our discussions will have topics on unveiling the various ways of building a relationship with yourself and those around you that is healthy, mindful, equal, and flourishing

Ready to Discuss?

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