Step into The Ayurvedic Path

Unearth your True Self.

Meet yourself fully, as you sync with nature’s cycles and your own following a path of ease and health.

Ayurveda offers simple and easy tools to align with your natural cycles that best support your constitution, and promote ease, vitality and longevity.


The Ayurvedic Path is a complete program designed to realign your subtle and gross body. As a wholistic healer and spiritual guide I hold the space for your transformation and follow through your process of stripping down old beliefs, reconnecting to the body, rewiring new neural pathways and sync your circadian rhythms back with those of nature.

Rooted deeply in the Ayurvedic Principles, but also fusing together breathwork, psychotherapy, bioenergetics, yoga therapy and meditation, we cultivate a safe space for you to reconnect with your inner child, recognize your patterns, trauma, and habits, and work from there forward by tapping into your somatic awareness and shifting the way you respond to the world around you. 

It is not just about a diet

It is not just about an exercise 

It is a full spectrum process of inner and outer healing and body connection, In the Ayurvedic Path program, you are fully supported, guided and held every step of the way.

A Guide to Your Personal Wellness

Your Personal Wellness isn’t about following a popular trend in society, It isn’t about restrictions, and limitations to your habits.

This program is designed to teach you how to recognize and understand your own habits, patterns and limitations and determine your own diet, exercise and lifestyle according to the Ayurvedic Principles and Laws of Nature.

Are you ready to understand the interaction of the 5 elements in yourself and the environment in response to your digestion, activity, thoughts and emotional influences.?

Awareness of self alone can aid you in unlocking your past, clear ancestral traumas, and blockages, in order to meet your vitality and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Management

Synchronize your life with the flow of nature by following Ayurvedic principles of diet and lifestyle based on your genetics and individual constitution. Flow in tune with the optimal potential for health and wellbeing, of yourself.

Yoga for your Dosha

Exercise is key to bringing yourself in alignment with health. A regular practice stimulates well being. These are custom tailored sets of Asanas designed to bring you back into constitutional balance Live, private and group classes available.

Authentic Relating

Health is not only physical. Mental health and wellbeing is just as important as your daily exercise, for developing healthy relationships with yourself and others. Authentic relating is an embodied practice of behavioral and cognitive awareness.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

~ Rumi

Why Ayurveda?

  • The Science of Life, offers comprehensive understanding of our human nature.
  • Has been around for 5000 years showing miraculous results of vitality & wellbeing.
  • Offers simple tools and daily practices to reconnect you back with nature.
  • Allows you to fully express your authenticity, and rid yourself of dis-ease.

You are not ready to commit? Have a little taste of the Ayurvedic Principles in action with the 7 day @Home Retreat: Living with Awareness.

What others are saying…

“…A complete program to shed of old ways of thinking, heal from the past, and move forward on your path. Her teachings will stay with me a lifetime!

Stephanie from Belgium, 2020

“…Irina is my ‘go to wholistic advisor’ as she has such an indepth understanding of the cycles of the body, the seasons, the foods we should be eating in relation to our personal constitution & where we are at in our life cycle.

Mia from Thailand, 2021

“…I always felt held and supported and she emanates a divine presence as she teaches.

Charlotte from England, 2019

This is the start of a wonderful awakening…

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