The Story

Ayurveda came to my life in a very serendipitous way.  Little did I know at the time, but I have veered toward the practice off and on all throughout my life, with the genuine curiosity of plants, herbs and natural ways of healing the body mind and soul. Although, Ayurveda is much more than plants and herbs 🙂

Having studied Psychology most of my life, I found this western approach to heal the mind was lacking some basic philosophy of fully grasping the mind-body connection. Psychologists like Carl G Jung, Oliver Sacks, and Paul Ekman kept the forward moving motivation toward seeking further understanding. 

The search for inner truth and natural connection began when I lost a bet. This bet led me to my first yoga class, back in 2002. The combination of movements at the time were dreadful, but finished with simply lying flat on the mat (shavasana), and at this very moment I realized that I was hooked to this practice. This is the path toward self. So the journey of union began.

After completing the first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, I was itching to dive deeper into the world of Mind-Body, and Spirit Union. While in search to connect my natural inclination toward homeopathy and to Earth’s medicine, I followed Shamanism, Naturopathy, Plant medicine etc.

Unfortunately, following my training, a fractured coccyx accident slowed me down for running to the next thing, and in a way was a lesson to stay still and be patient. The following events led to a complete changed outlook of life..

I began as an admin while healing my root chakra, at the training school I completed my first Yoga Teacher course. Teaching came naturally, where I was able to incorporate Western Psychology with Eastern Philosophy and Homeopathy. Deeper I dove, closer I got to what my heart fully desired…. Ayurveda.

So my Ayurvedic Path began. 

After multiple trainings and teaching in Thailand, and Cambodia, I then found my way to a Buddhist Monestary in Nepal, where I studied, and understood the deeper secrets of meditation and Buddhism from Tibetan Monks.

I then completed a Reiki training, and sound therapy, where I activated the subtle channels of universal energy flow for healing. And Lastly, Mama India, opened her wide hands, to teach me ALL of life, through the study of Ayurveda.

After a few years of drifting through Asia and Europe and integrating the vast world of knowledge that opened up to me, Unearththis was born.

The Vision

UnearthThis is about bringing up all the magic that lives below the surface of existence. It is about channeling and inspiring others to unearth their highest selves, and reach a well-being synced with the natural rhythm of their inner and outer World.

UnearthThis began as a blog with the focus on challenging the universal questions of existence, through forms of spirituality, philosophy, nutrition and exercise.

UnearthThis is about truly opening the mind to different perspectives, while embracing a holistic approach to life, adapting to a naturalistic lifestyle, connecting to all that is of Mother Earth while balancing the drive and fast moving material society we have come to live in today.

UnearthThis is an extension of the purpose I am to share with the world. The work of healing old wounds, shifting patterns and acknowledging triggers lies inside each of us. Unearththis speaks exactly of these buried traumas that have defined our path. I invite you to open your hearts and embrace the will to explore your own spiritual truth, and step into the embodied version of you. Unearththis offers various healing modalities, such as; yoga, meditation, energy healing, therapy, ayurvedic psychology, counseling, the understanding of the elements and nature’s medicines.

“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” 

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

The Purpose

My life truly began once I finally aligned with my divine soul purpose. Once I began to listen to my inner intuition, gut feelings, and heart, I began to live the life I always imagined. It took 33 years of my life to finally align with this purpose. Societal expectations and hard wired cognitive perceptions sent me on a whirlwind of untrue paths. Each fork in my road, divided timely into roughly 7 year periods of testing the waters of who I am to be in this world. As a child, I cared deeply for animals. They seem to find me when needing most help, like the abandoned kittens I’d rescue from a dumpster, or merely run over creatures on the side of the road. Or the parrots that sang sad songs in their cages, and the puppies my neighbors got and never looked after.

Deep down beyond my own troubles, there was always room to give and offer help to another living being. So at the age of 15 I left the only land I knew and landed in sunny California, where I studied, worked, and buried parts of myself in the process. From, a sales lady, to a shoe expert. A coffee barista, to a fine dining waitress. From a salon and spa assistant to a manger, and from fashionista to a career in the film industry, I have been the Jane of all trades, and in each trade I further repressed my inner truth. However the truth can never stay hidden too long, and for me that is the constant pursuit for the happiness and health of myself and others.

One day, after experiencing a personal burnout, and exhaustion, I packed my life in a small backpack, and began the journey of a lifetime. It was time to acquire the tools to protect and enhance my abilities, while I heal the neglected aspects of myself. I landed in Thailand, and little did I know at the time, this land of Smiles will become my new home. Here I completed my 200RYT Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha, Vinyasa and Tantra Yoga. Teaching across Asia has opened my eyes, heart and mind. While in India and Nepal, I completed certifications in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching, Ayurvedic Therapist and Marma treatments, Reiki healing, Buddhism, Zen teachings and Kalari practice.

I also offer various workshops, online discussions, webinars and interactions via modalities of healing. Please follow the feed for the most upcoming events.

Today, I am growing my practice through Quantum Healing and Trauma Awareness, whilist focusing on narrowing the root causes of imbalance, in those ready to dedicate their life toward health.

Open Heart, Clear Mind, Kisses and Light
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