Kids Yoga in Bali

Life is clever and wild, equipped with twists and turns, ups and downs lefts and rights. It’s all a matter of attitude really. From our attitude we build our intentions, and those intentions manifest the world we live in, the thoughts we cultivate, the feelings we feel.

I recently have been focusing on changing my attitude toward what it means to look toward the future whilst caressing the kind present with and its offerings. Basking into this leisure lifestyle overjoyed with mesmerizing spiritual anecdotes that manifest in the people, places and situations that become my focus point, I have found my way to Bali, the land of the Gods. Surely this must be true, as this island whispers magic thru its green spreads of jungle and rice terraces. Born with ocean side cliffs, limestones and wild breaking waves, this place sips on the god-like potion, honoring its Gods. The local Balinese, prominently Hindu, offer daily ceremonies for protection of their wellness and home.

From waterfront villages in the south such as Uluwatu and Canngu, attracting the surfer culture, to the spiritual Mecca in midst jungle, Ubud, Bali surely has a little bit for every kind of being.

The romance of this island is in the air, and the romance is with nature, from sprawling dramatic sunsets playfully lighting up the sky, to magical night walks with fireflies. I have fallen for every step I took on this island. Unspeakably vibrating warmth, kindness and love.

From the South to the North, only a few hours of wheezing through thick greens and hillside views, I have arrived then in Lovina Beach, famous for the calm ocean, and dolphin watching. Attracting mostly older tourists, finding peace of the busy party-like world one might find in Kuta and Seminyak.

There I acquainted yet my favorite local, a woman full of power and strength, well connected in the community and yet with a lions heart, ready to pounce at the world ahead.

This heart of gold has manifested a Bali Children Foundation, offering sponsorship for local underprivileged children to get education. And if that isn’t magical enough, Let’s Imagine Inc. has partnered with this foundation to offer an alternative education thru yoga camps, spiritual awareness, and environmental practices. These children after all , are our future. Their ability to strip down the precondition of choices, attachments and belief systems, but rather find their own path, is crucial to the growth of our world, and one that helps save the planet from its current destruction…. No pressure kids. 🙂

I was honored to be a part of this project and leading a group of kids through the basics of yoga, breath-work, arts and crafts, and meditation.

Even in such a short time such as this week long camp, there is a slight change in awareness that happens among the kids. The kind of receptiveness that opens up their tiny untainted hearts. So, imagine this to be a global mission, with months long camps all over the world, engaging bright little minds to think for themselves, feel for themselves and simply be aware of themselves and their surroundings. Mindful growth is just the minimum we can offer at this time to allow the shift of this Earth to recuperate.

Patience indeed, is key to bare with the sleuth of untamed hearts, bursting with desire and energy to show, impress, and fall down the traps of societal pressures. But if we can change this at the root of their existence… if we can change the core of their being while their minds are still bending, their innocence floundering; this in fact, is the true success for a brighter future.

Yes you might say, but what about global warming, the issue on plastic, the crime rates, the  poverty etc. We all choose our mission, a small little carving in the stone, and chisel at it until that stone fits the rest of the puzzle. I believe that perhaps children are our future, and working with them to offer alternative ways of being, could prevent all the damage in adulthood, that later on would need fixing. Most adults these days carry a chip on their shoulders, are jaded in their hearts, and disengaged from their souls. Passing through the mental barriers and chains that bind them will take a lifetime, but preventing the young humans from reaching this point by offering them alternative means of education, and a pure understanding and perception of the world, could indeed result in long term positive changes. This world is in the hands of our children, what better ways to protect them but to offer them a clear mind and an open heart.

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