Is your Health in your Body or your Wallet?

Slightly overwhelmed to even begin this article, in attempt to shed a different perspective for those who are at least quietly at the edge of looking at the current matter from a semi-objective perspective.

I’ll begin with a few conversations I have had recently with various friends placed in different parts of the world currently. Their main concern is “ The world has gone mad, and I am stressing out because I can’t work and if I can’t work I can’ pay rent and bills.”

So I thought to myself… “really, that is what you are worried about? Money?”

The world is suffering a serious health crisis, and people are worried about money? To put it bluntly, money is not the current human problem, but your health is. Money cannot buy you a new body, a new vessel in which you carry out this life form.

Given the current mandated lockdowns you have been given a universal freedom to really weigh out your priorities. Begin by separating yourself from your thoughts, and feelings, and really step inside the vehicle that governs your very existence. Your body.  After all this world disaster is exactly this, attacking the body, attacking the functions of your daily existence, better yet, it is attacking the respiratory systems, the true essence of existence, the ability to breathe.

Man made or not, this virus is just the beginning of the universal energetic fields attempting to stir up the true nature of existence… the truth about humanity. 

The world has become so big and vast in terms of materialism, possessions, ownerships, entitlements, and the one thing that has driven humanity since the existence of money, has been, well … Money. 

The Money Perception

Money in it of itself is not evil, it is just a means, an energy we have grown to abuse.  We have created an entire belief system that governs our existence around money.  So much so that humanity is completely blinded by it and obsessing over it that even in these times of world crisis, people’s panic and fears does not rise from the potential of damaging their body, weakening their health, and questioning will this body survive, but it rises in the mind with the thought of “ how am I going to survive without money”?

Sure the thought comes in periodically to lessen the burden of the mind, where we focus on calming ourselves and really building a system of community instead of selfishness over possessions, and this is perhaps the beginning stage of awakening. However, the mind takes time to reprogram. You can be aware, but to put in action your awareness takes time. Luckily this current Pandemic has given humanity just that … time to sit with yourself, and time to observe the pattern of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Reflect on the drives that grow inside your mind that push you forward.

In a recent discussion with a friend, where I asked how they are doing with the whole shift, she expressed that she is worried about bringing the virus at home and infecting her family, while still working. I said, “why are you still going to work? Isn’t there a shut down/self isolation?”  She clarified that the shut down isn’t mandatory, and that her work has offered an option for part time hours should you want to work… and so she’s taken the full time hours saying she “needs” the cash.

In other words, although worried about her family’s health, she consciously is putting herself and her family at risk, as clearly her main priority is money. However unconscious this priority is, the bottom line is, this is the general worry of society. How will I pay my rent? My bills? What happens when I run out of money? Etc. We are so accustomed to think we have “control” over things in our lives, but blindsided, we find ourselves being controlled by … again.. Money! An energy brought to this earth to ease the lifestyles of humanity, instead it turned into a weapon of control over the populations, where people have lost sense of what is really of importance.

In another example another friend has been reaching out to unemployment offices, seeing about how much money they can collect should they apply of unemployment, and rather should or should not cash in their PTO’s (paid time off), again worrying about how to cover the bills for the material aspects of their existence, without any regard of the fact that this is a global event, with billions of people literally experiencing the same thing, and none of them is looking into the matter from their heart, from their body.

The world is changing completely as we know it

Soon enough money is going to become obsolete, so I urge you to sit for a minute and contemplate the thought of what would life be like without the money? What will matter to you then? How shall you live a life without having to use the reason or excuse of financial dependencies and strains? How would you live, knowing that you are free of being controlled by society?

The current state of the world, where the economy is crashing, and bigger industries like tourism and  import-exports are suffering the most, humanity has been completely missing the target of this pandemic. And this virus, is not attacking your bank account, your fancy car in your garage, your house, or your 3k suit, it is directly attacking your body, particularly the respiratory system, the main function of the organism that provides oxygen to your vital organs. It is attacking the essence of your existence. Your Prana, your breath.

You know what the virus IS NOT attacking? Nature, the plants and the animals, the oceans and the forrests. Perhaps it is time to begin shifting the priorities of what truly will sustain you? Your Body or your Mind?

Breath Heals, so does Nature

In recent online studies of anatomy I have come across this concept of understanding the functions of our body parts,  and it brought a very interesting revelation in mind regarding the respiratory system. In gross anatomy the technical term of inhaling is “Inspiration” coinciding in the english language with another meaning of this word, which is “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” Furthermore to elaborate on, Miriam-Webster Dictionary classifies the definition of Inspiration as follows:

“Definition of inspiration 1 : an inspiring agent or influence 2a : the quality or state of being inspired b : something that is inspired a scheme that was pure inspiration 3 : the act of drawing in specifically : the drawing of air into the lungs 4a : a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation b : the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions c : the act of influencing or suggesting opinions”

Miriam Webster Dictionary

The Cambridge dictionary classifies the definition in three parts; as a noun synonymous to Ideas by something or someone; a noun synonymous of a person you admire, and lastly a word simply describing the action of breathing in.

All of these points are highly relevant to the physical act of inhaling in especially these current times where the tool for breathing is being compromised.

I’d like you to simply contemplate these definitions and really let them sink in with each conscious inhalation, as to understand its profound meaning.

In terms of exhalation, the gross anatomy terminology here is “expiration”. Again, the double meaning for this is just that all that is expired must be thrown away right? We look at the date of expiry on all the products we buy to fit in our fridge, but have we stopped to think about all of the “expired energies” within ourselves, our unconscious space and our being?

Each full exhalation therefore is a representation of letting go. It begins on a cellular level, that, which no longer serves you must be released. And when you consciously expire, that is to say, fully exhale, you release. I’d like you to think about a simple example of needing to go to the toilet, and the action you take right after you do … an exhalation of relief. These are just the most natural human functions of our bodies, that we have forgotten, as if we are not humans, as if we are not alive.

Through the years, overstimulation of materialistic lifestyles has really separated the human kind from their bodies, and entered into a fictional story-woven world of the mind, based on various influences, especially most recently the media and growth of social media of course. In addition, the impossible work hours and daily stress, to gain more money more possessions, has turned humans into machines. Machines do not breathe and do not have the ability to manifest their surroundings. But humans do. Each thought conscious or subconscious is a feeling that defines into an emotion, emotions are energies we manifest by acting on them.

I encounter these machines daily, as they come to my classes perhaps just for the chance to have a nice nap during the savasana or perhaps their partner drags them into the class. Each one finds it the most difficult their inability and lack of awareness of their body in terms of breath. Each one, surprised how little and shallow they breathe. Each one, reporting how busy their mind is, and when they finally breathe a full breath in, the mind slightly quiets and they are left with buried and unresolved emotions and feelings, stagnant inside the spaces between muscles bones and joints.

So in the panic of this pandemic, how many people are actually breathing? How many people are actually aware of the lack of air they allow in their body, while being busy stocking up for the world apocalypse ? How many people are tight in their shoulders, weak in their knees, experiencing migraines and lower back pains, as their bodies stiffen further from the growth of cortisol release in the body?

The hysteria happening around the world is exactly what the virus is targeting. Less breath in the body, higher the chances of toxins. More toxins in the body, weakens the organs, thus becoming a perfect host for viruses to take over.

Before you worry about all of the things you have grown to identify with that are outside of you, I’d like you to step inside of yourself for a Moment. I invite you to simply sit still, keeping the spine erect, and begin to observe your own body, bit by bit.

Each time the mind enters your consciousness and begins to stir you away from this very real and present now, allow a long steady inspiration through the nostrils, and watch where this breath gets stuck inside your body. 

When the time is to expire, let go of the air inside you slow long and steady, and observe the tight parts in your face soften, the tightness around your neck and shoulders soften, feel your hips relax into the ground as you sit comfortably in a cross legged position where hips are slightly raised and taller than your knees. 

Aiding your inhales through the nostrils for roughly 6 seconds, feel your body expand with air. And exhaling just as long as the inhalation, observe the body empty of air.

Practice this Sadhguru mantra as you inhale : “I am not my thoughts” and as you exhale “ I am not even my mind”.

Enjoy this simple breathing practice for at least 5 minutes in your day, and notice the difference in the state of mind. Contemplate the values of your existence. 

What truly matters ?

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

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