“I really don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met Irina. She provided me such great support throughout my time at the Green Yoga Teacher Training in Mallorca, and followed me through for 2 months after that providing me love, care and compassion. Her psychological, neurology and ayurvedia knowledge is immense and you can definitely except to learn a lot about yourself, but also about Ayurveda living in general. Thank you Irina for being a spiritual guide for me in this lifetime.”


I highly recommend Irina & her art. Her knowledge about the science of ayurveda in relation to the physical & energy bodies & how we each respond to food & our daily consumptions is effortless. It is clear she has studied hard this incredible science.

Mia, Thailand

Irina’s style of teaching is a breath of fresh air as her diverse experience of life, passion for yoga, health, wellbeing and life itself simply shines through. Each and every class I experienced was a journey in itself. Irina truly allows you time and space to arrive onto your yoga mat and into your body with an authentic flow of guidance that honours the class as a whole. Irina is observant to all of her students, I always felt held and supported and she emanates a divine presence as she teaches. Starting my work days with Irina’s classes was an absolute gift and a pleasure to receive. 

Charlotte, Spain

Irina is such a wonderful yoga and meditation guide. I purchased unlimited passes to her classes and I am so grateful for all of her guidance, tips, flows, special classes (New moon meditation, Breathing workshops, etc). Loving, patient, free spirited, and present, I will always recommend the lovely services & class offerings of Irina

Abi, Thailand

Irina is a wonderful charismatic yoga teacher with an abundance of knowledge on many aspects of movement, healing and spirituality. Irina has a powerful combination of playful humour and many years experience which make her classes fun and also really transformational. I can’t wait to do another class with Irina

Amelia, Spain

I am so happy to have met Irina on a three week yoga retreat, learning from her, and enjoying the blissful energy she brings into the yoga shala. She talks and teaches passionately, sharing her views on life, health, meditation, spiritualism, ayurveda, … Back home, I decided to follow an online, four week ayurvedic program with her, with personalised weekly outlines to heal imbalances in both mind and body. She provided easy-to-follow diet charts to balance doshas, completed with yoga, meditation and breathwork exercises. She was there every step of the way, ready to talk and motivate and answer questions. At the end of each week, we discussed my progress and struggles, and she adapted the outlines to my needs. A complete program to shed of old ways of thinking, heal from the past, and move forward on your path. Her teachings will stay with me a lifetime!

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