Unearth Your Veda

It means, to awaken your inner knowledge of life.

This Human Life Experience is full of tiny little miracles we so often overlook. Having years of experience in human psychology, yoga, meditation CBT & Ayurvedic healing modalities I look forward to hold the space for those ready to begin their path of truth and healing and see the miracle they are.

From the Gut to the Mind, and from the Heart to the Soul, we begin by hearing the inner sounds of our being.

The Ayurvedic Path

Ayurveda is an ancient science, from the Vedic Scriptures where universal wisdom and principles of the natural laws of the Universe were born to understand Human Nature.

When you are in flow with nature, your being is aligned, and you are glowing in vitality and abundance.

One of the first stories told about the the teachings of Ayurveda, explains that, when man left nature in search of civilization, illness began, and so Ayurvedic principles are there to return man back to his roots of natural vitality and wellbeing.

The current societal expectations, lifestyles and pressures have shifted the human kind from their connection with nature and its five elements, and so irregularities and dis-ease began to grow among populations.

With the Ayurvedic Path, you are guided back to your vitality, by uncovering the root of your irregularity and restoring balance of the elements within.

The Ayurvedic Path is an in-depth individualized holistic program. It includes a combination of modalities, such as, Achar Rasayana (behavior rejuvenation ) Ahar Rasayana (rejuvenating diet), Dinacharya (daily routine and lifestyle), and the Four Pillars of your wellbeing to help you re-establish your purpose, by understanding your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wisdom.

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Yoga and Meditation

With over 1000 hours of teaching experience, I welcome you to my online classroom with freshness and unique blend of asana and breath flow. Movement is not only for the body, but the mind too. Thoughts and feelings move through our body too, some get stuck and crystallize within the muscle tissues. The combination of various different yogic techniques helps shift the stagnancies in the body and mind. I teach a blend of Hatha, Vinyasa and Tantra-Restorative yoga that suits all walks of life and experiences, from intensive morning flow workouts, to calming fascia releasing restorative evening practices.

Yoga For Your Dosha is a personalized practice that you can incorporate, and can be part of The Ayurvedic Path.

Authentic Relating, Relationship, and Conscious Communication

As part of the wholesome Ayurvedic Path, Authentic Relating and conscious communication with yourself and others is a pillar in the process to unearth your true self. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was designed by a well established Psychotherapist, Aaron T Beck, in attempt to heal depression outbreaks and suicidal tendencies. His approach is focusing on concepts of redirecting thought and behavior. Similarly, Dr, Joe Dispenza today, discusses ways of rewiring the mind from a scientific understanding. In combination with the four archetypes of Carl G. Jung’s expertise in the Psychology field, I connect with the shadow side through the understanding of Emotions, a breakthrough research from Dr.Paul Ekman. These are my personal and deeply studied heros, from whom I draw wisdom and knowledge.

The universal principles of understanding your nature begins with Achar Rasayana. It means behavior rejuvenation. It includes 20 steps to emotional and mental awareness in relation to reaching overall wellbeing.

I combine traditional western Psychology with Indian Philosophies in order to unlock the shadows that keep you hidden from your own truth. What we project we reflect, and how we become aware of our own shadows is by seeing within.

I am your online, one-call-away therapist, go-to friend, good listener, and always ready to hold the space for you as you embark the muddy waters of relationship and communication tactics.

Irina is such a wonderful yoga and meditation guide. I purchased unlimited passes to her classes and I am so grateful for all of her guidance, tips, flows, special classes (New moon meditation, Breathing workshops, etc). Loving, patient, free spirited, and present, I will always recommend the lovely services & class offerings of Irina

Abi, Thailand

I am so happy to have met Irina on a three week yoga retreat, learning from her, and enjoying the blissful energy she brings into the yoga shala. She talks and teaches passionately, sharing her views on life, health, meditation, spiritualism, ayurveda, … Back home, I decided to follow an online, four week ayurvedic program with her, with personalised weekly outlines to heal imbalances in both mind and body. She provided easy-to-follow diet charts to balance doshas, completed with yoga, meditation and breathwork exercises. She was there every step of the way, ready to talk and motivate and answer questions. At the end of each week, we discussed my progress and struggles, and she adapted the outlines to my needs. A complete program to shed of old ways of thinking, heal from the past, and move forward on your path. Her teachings will stay with me a lifetime!

Stefanie, Thailand

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