Relationship Coaching & Therapy

Here are the long awaited coaching sessions. I am happy to finally offer Online Relationship Coaching and Therapy sessions.

Do you feel like you are hitting a wall creatively? Is there a blockage in the growth of your relationship? Are you and your loved one drifting apart and you cannot seem to understand why? Are you feeling lost and alone?

Let me help you break through your mental and emotional stagnancies in your relationships with yourself and others.

Together we can work through the patterns in your communication, awareness and perception of self and others, as we use various cognitive behavioral modalities to enhance the human life experience, and get you on the path of your truth and creative expression with yourself and significant others.

These sessions are designed to help you reach your highest potential and strip away the breaks of your life. Let’s reach deep within to manifest and unlock your core frequency and alignment, by uncovering your past traumas that stand in the way of your present and future self.

There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotions

— Carl Jung

The sessions are 45-60min live and interactive. During this time we will practice active listening and response. Included are various guided meditations, goal oriented plan outlines and much much more.

FREE Consultation sessions are now available. Contact us to schedule your spot.

Looking forward to hold the space you need to begin your transformation.

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