Feminine Stages, Archetypes and Tidalwaves

How to heal the womb, reconnect to nature and live in sync with your truest form.

A few months ago I was called to put together an online workshop focusing on the awareness of the Feminine within us all, and especially our purpose as females on this Earth. 

The workshop discussed the physiology of a woman. The Physical Mental and Emotional changes we go through as women each day, each month, and each season and years. In addition, as an avid Carl Jung follower, I covered the subtle archetypes that express the Shadow side of our feminine nature to introduce the WHOLE of a woman.

Carl Jung worked with human ancestry and the 4 archetypes of Shadow work for years in uncovering the true psychology of human nature. His work is highly prevalent today in deepening the understanding of self, while working with trauma, triggers, past life regressions, and mental disorders. 

Ayurveda for the Mind explains how Western Psychology and Ancestral healing connects with this ancient science, through the understanding of the different states of human being.

The Feminine Stages are first and foremost Physical.

As women we literally go through a physical transformation each 10 days of each month. In this physical shift there are also mental and emotional challenges that are triggered due to the subtle influences of the release of different hormones.

So to put it simply. Certain hormones are released to satisfy a physiological change in the body, that in turn shifts the mental state, that responds to the sensory organs in developing certain perceptions and experiences that lead to emotional responses, aka Feelings.

The female undergoes the 4 states of being in a 28 day cycle. Day 1 marks the first day of your menstrual cycle, This is when bleeding begins. At this time your Estrogen is high and dropping and your progesterone is low and slightly elevating.

Menstrual Cycle

This cycle lasts 7 days.  Menstruation is the body’s innate and complete detox protocol. The body was ready to bear a child, and all its systems were in place to support the nutrition, growth, and space for this child. When this does not happen, the body must cleanse itself from this preparation, re-empty and restart itself for the next season, if you will .

Your menstruation is the removal of the body’s bedding, the endometrium, and any body stagnancies.

Not only that the body removes this potent nutritional bed where creation is possible, but this is also the time for all other stagnancies of the body mind and soul to purify. Think of your period as a deep detox cleanse. As a woman you have a built-in system for internal spring cleaning every month.

Follicular /Ovulation Stage

After the 7th day, the body rested cleansed, purified, and restarted, is ready to build the “potential” for creation yet again, This is when hormonal levels begin rising, especially estrogen, High estrogen leads to high energy in the body, but it also stimulates the ovarian follicles to mature, and release an egg into the Fallopian tube.

This is the Follicular stage of our cycle, and also the sense of heightened high energy self. You are in the process of welcoming creation to happen.

When this egg is released into the fallopian tube, the ovarian follicle from where the egg released,  begins to harden and stimulate the production of progesterone. This home of maturing egg inside the ovaries is called Corpus Luteum.

Luteal Stage

The process of Ovulation lasts 24 hrs. Following this period, the body enters the Luteal phase. It lasts 7-10 days. This is where the Estrogen levels begin dropping but progesterone rising in building the placenta for potential life. Since there is no conception, progesterone levels begin dropping, the inner bedding becomes unstable and begins to break down. Leading you into the Menstrual Phase.

During the Luteal phase we feel low energy, heavy in the body, and we are preparing for the cleansing that is about to begin.  Often dysregulated nervous systems during this time might experience PMS symptoms, and physical pain. 

Overall. This is the basic Physiology of the female body going through a 28day cycle.

Women are basically flowing between 4 different and distinct states of mind every 7-10 days in a month. These states of mind are also connected to the tides of the oceans and the phases of the moon as the universal laws of nature.

Feminine Archetypes

The 4 Feminine Archetypes are also intertwined with the phases and govern each stage of the menstural cycle. 

During the Follicular Stage in your cycle you are high energy, ready to take on the world. Confidence is high, and running on masculine Sun energy. This Archetype is known as The Virgin/Wild woman. Not a virgin as understood in today’s society as an unwed, or unbedded woman, but a Virgin traditionally meant a woman who is free to make her own choices, including who to marry and who to bed 🙂

She is Wild, free, and most desirable because she cannot be tamed or controlled by others. This is also the Waxing Moon Phase.

Ovulation represents the archetype of The Mother. This state of being is the widely accepted archetype of what it means to be a woman, seen in most societies. As a woman, her sole purpose is to bare and raise children, tapping into a state of being as a nurturer, caretaker and healer. This is also the Full Moon Phase.

Now here comes the two least accepted archetypes, not only by society today, but also as individual women who are going through these states of being. This is where women feel shame, guilt, seperation, uselessness and lack of acceptance not only in society but within themselves as well, and how not seeing the whole of their being, can then lead into mental and emotional unbalanced states, and physiological problems due to repression and stagnation.

How many of you have found your period a burden in your life?

The Luteal stage represents The Witch/Enchantress archetype. The witch prepares you to shed and let go of all that no longer serves you from mental and emotional attachments and identifications, to physical stagnancies and beliefs of permanence.  Often the premenstrual symptoms of headaches, mood swings, irritability dread and shame are present here. This is also the Wanning Phase of the Moon.

This is because women are programmed by society to believe that their only job is to bare offspring. In this stage of the cycle, there is no more chance to create, as the egg is no longer viable, and therefore there is this subtle sense of “feeling useless” that manifests in the familiar “mood swings” stereotyped by society as the time a woman goes ”crazy and is pmsing”

Different women process the stage of loss of purpose differently, and express various levels of emotions.

However, this state of being is not about outward expression, but rather a time of inner reflection. This is the stage of a woman where you really become the feminine fluid darkness within. That sense of inner peace of surrender is born during this state, Here you arrive at yourself to process, integrate and understand you full being. Here you welcome the meaning of Acceptance.

The moment you accept, the Menstrual Stage begins. This is the Wise Woman/ The Crone. This is also a state of depletion and loss of potential new life and nutrients therefore the Crone has been for centuries understood as the haggard old woman or a spinster. However, in this archetypal principle and the true meaning of the Crone, it is a term used for the wisdom of an older woman, who has become a community leader. This is the time of the New Moon. A place of manifestatiion., of planting seeds toward a brighter path.

This stage has been seen in society as the loss of fertility, external beauty, activity and youth. But instead, this is the time where the body is undergoing deep detox, and detox represents in ayurveda the process of degeneration, cleansing, restarting and releasing.

During your menstrual cycle, you ought to slow down with physical activities and really nourish love and honor your body’s process to cleanse.

In a Nutshell…

Women are all four archetypes, however society has banished the acceptance of them all and therefore, women to survive begin to repress parts of themselves . These oppressions are then what calcifies in the physical body and separates you from the laws of nature. Going against the stream, forcing a behavior that doesn’t suit leads to not only mental and emotional blocks, but also physical forms of instability and discomfort, including fibroids, endometriosis, digestive issues, bloating, PMS, painful miserable periods and more.

Ayurveda has a comprehensive and complete understanding of how to reconnect with the subtle ways of being through nature, within yourself, and your everyday lifestyle.

Should you want more Information on how your individual constitution governs the stages, shifts and phases of your being, and what you can do to prepare, clear, re-align and reconnect, feel free to book an Ayurvedic Consultation.

In Addition, you are welcome to purchase a lifetime video access of the Stages of the Feminine Workshop Recording.

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