Authentic Relating Coaching

1-1 Authentic Relating, 60 minutes

Ayurvedic principles and Philosophies together with Modern Psychology brings a holistic approach to understanding and healing the mind. Deeply inspired by Carl G Jung teachings of Shadow work, Paul Ekman’s work on Emotional Awareness, and Cognitive Behavioral therapy, I hold authentic space for the exploration of your psyche, patterns, and behaviors . Ultimately reaching the root cause that resulted in the mental shift from where imbalanced states set place.


4x Trauma informed Coaching Therapy Sessions 60 minutes

Each week we discuss YOU. Your Relationship. Your History. Your Partner. Your Inner Child. An uninterrupted 60 minute zone for communication, self development, healing, guidance and the psychology of relationships.


Part of the Ayurvedic Path is the mental and emotional component of growth. Authentic Relating and conscious communication with yourself and others is a pillar in the process of unearthing your true self.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was designed by a well established Psychotherapist, Aaron T Beck, in attempt to heal depression outbreaks and suicidal tendencies. His approach is focusing on concepts of redirecting thought and behavior of being. Similarly Dr, Joe Dispenza today, discusses ways of rewiring the mind from a scientific understanding. In combination with the four archetypes of Carl G. Jung’s expertise in the Psychology field, I connect with the shadow side through the understanding of Emotions, an in-depth study and breakthrough research from Dr.Paul Ekman. This combination of renowned psychologists has led to a profound awareness in how trauma is stored in the body. Therefore, this all encompassing program involves tapping into this field and processing the trauma that has impacted our mental and emotional capacity.

Ayurveda is rooted in Vedic and Non Vedic Indian Philosophies. Understanding your nature begins with Achar Rasayana, which means behavior rejuvenation. It includes 20 steps to emotional and mental awareness in relation to reaching overall wellbeing. I combine traditional western Psychology with Indian Philosophies as the basis of Ayurveda in order to unlock the shadows that keep you hidden from your own truth. What we project we reflect, and how we become aware to our own shadows is by seeing within.

With recent break through developments of developmental trauma in Psychotherapy, and trauma informed awareness, I am your online, one-call-away therapist, go-to friend, good listener, and always ready to hold the space for you as you embark the muddy waters of relationship and communication tactics, healing developmental trauma and unearthing your true nature.

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