Ayurveda For Travelers

How to Stay Balanced while on the Road

5 day Immersion to the Ayurvedic Principles, and the effects of traveling on your unique constitution.

Start Anytime, Anywhere, and devote 5 days of daily practice and live online sessions.

Do you often experience digestive discomfort when traveling?

Constipation? Diahrrea ?

Sleepless nights disturbing your adventures?

Discomfort of climate changes and hormonal shifts are manifesting as fatigue, excessive tiredness, and lack of motivation? But you are meant to explore… and your body just cannot get on board?

Ayurveda for Travelerers prepares you for that balanced adventure, where you can fully immerse into the new climate and culture, by simply using the Ayurvedic Principles to anchor in grounding, re-alignment and tap into the human adaptive spirit and support your immune functions along the way.

In this immersion you will learn about your internal gut environment and how it changes while traveling. How different climates shift our internal hormonal and metabolic balance, and how cultural foods can affect the mental and emotional states.

Individualized 1-2-1 bookings only

What You’ll Learn:

– The 5 elements, doshas, and what disturbs them
– Different climates and the human body
– Cultural diet, spices, and awareness while on the road.

What is Included:

-1-2-1 Personalized consultation, dosha analysis, diet and lifestyle plan

-Intro to the basics of Ayurveda

– Workbook + journaling, meditation, and breathing techniques to anchor in presence

Ayurveda for Travelers


What is Ayurveda?

A science of life, it explains the laws of nature in simple principles that can be applied daily to promote health, ease, and vitality.

For example… Your metabolism is deeply connected and synchronizes with the sun. When the Sun is high, so is your internal fires and digestion is complete. At night time body has other biorhythms and does not want to be digesting food.

We are all unique beings yet share a similar goal, to connect, expand and feel love. These “needs” is what prompts us to travel and explore, and thus when we do so without falling out of balance within our physical and emotional states, we experience fullfillment and ease.

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