Immersion to Self Awareness

Intro Intensive Awareness Challenge

An immersion without a long term commitment. This package is perfect for those curious but not quite ready to change their life. This special package offers an abundance of information, insight, love and awareness about you, your being, your gut, your mind and your heart. This informative, active, and yet relaxation promoting and brainwave tuning package is designed to fully kickstart your life, inspire you, align you with your higher being, and set you up on a self growing and loving path. You receive my undivided attention, where we uncover your Nature, your imbalance, your obstacles toward your nature, and together we will begin a path toward a healthy connected routine that shifts your awareness and sets you on your true path. This package includes 2 follow up sessions


Your 5 Day Immersion to Self Awareness Includes :

  • Personalized 1-1 Guidance, consult and constitution determination
  • 2 Follow up sessions
  • Meal plans according to your natural element predominance.
  • Gut understanding and hormone balancing
  • Pranayama and the science of breath as the force of life.
  • Guided Meditations
  • 3 live Yoga classes

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