Living with Awareness

The Ayurvedic Principles Applied. 7 day at Home Retreat

Living with Awareness, and the Ayurvedic Principles welcomes you into complete Union with self and nature. Yoga beyond the Asana practice. Ayurveda is the knowledge of Life. It is the universal connection with self and nature. Living with Awareness is an 1-1 personalized 7 day at-home retreat designed to awaken your innate being through practical daily rituals for complete self care and alignment.


Your 7 Day Practical At Home Retreat includes:

  • Personalized 1-1 Guidance, consult and constitution determination
  • 2x 30 min daily sessions
  • Daily morning rituals and practices for unified health and wellbeing.
  • Daily Dosha Balancing Yoga Exercises
  • Pranayama and awareness of the vital energy Points (Marmani)
  • Guided Meditations + Yoga Nidra
  • Evening Rituals and the Science of good sleep

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