August New Moon, 2018

New Moon was born on August 12th during a Perseids Meteor Shower. The dark side of the moon lingered in Leo sign, allowing for the fiery cat to roar in the dark sky, just before settling in for a peaceful meditation of intention setting.

The Meteor Shower

Perseids meteor shower happens every year during the months of July and August. Most visible in the Northern hemisphere, it was given it’s name due to the point from which the meteors judd off – the Perseus constellation.

How does the August Sky affect You?

Well, it’s not just the August sky but rather , this whole year is a turn of transformation, with its repetitiveness of lunar and solar eclipses, drastic energy changes in the universe, with aligning planets and shooting stars, retrograding motions, blood moons and super moons. It is quite intense time to be alive. After all, we are the cosmos you see, so all that happens up there, happens inside each of us. We’ve translated these shifts of energy into emotions, feelings, and other physical body related manifestations.
The moon is the ebb and flow of the sky as it moves like water, so it influences the water inside of us. As humans we are made of approximately 70-80% water. And water, fluidity represents our emotions. In other words, we are made up of 70% of emotions, that dictate our attitude towards ourselves and surroundings.
So, look up at the sky before making life altering decisions, pay close attention to how and when the drive to do drastic changes occurs. Be aware of the connectedness that surrounds you. Life is happening right now.


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