Synchronize, Vibrate, Recalibrate


Meditation often has confusing explanations in terms of what really means to meditate. I often thought meditation had to be some special set of thoughts that I just did not have thus practicing it sounded more or less boring, a waste of time really.

A while back I attended this community course in Santa Monica CA, at the Dharma Punks school ( a society created by a reformed punk, now offering the space thru the practice of spirituality, meditation and other rituals, to those who share a feeling of being lost and forgotten in the world, providing a safe place for self-healing)

I attended a meditation, where I sat in a chair with my eyes closed listening to this calming voice of the facilitator, guiding a group of us through a realization meditation. The entire time I was so focused of not falling off the chair, as my entire body felt like it was spinning, my mind was weightless floating in an abyss of stars and my thoughts were scattered. Even breathing was so complicated due to  the overpowered feeling of awareness of such automatic processes. The meditation ended, and I opened my eyes, to find myself perfectly still in the chair, nowhere near falling over. An entire 30 minutes went by?? I was shocked, impressed and slightly proud of myself, for sitting still for so long.

After it was over, I was walking home and found myself feeling light on my feet. The colors of plants, trees and flowers around me appeared brighter, accentuated. The sounds of cars, birds, and people around felt sharper. As if I just completed a neural tune up, my senses were so pure in a way.

 From this day on, things happened in a progressive matter. Although, I never made it back to Dharma Punks for another meditation session or any other amazing classes that they offered, I did find myself practicing yoga quite regularly, and attended these quite reviving sound bath sessions. I suddenly found myself ringing from inside out. Like the ripples a drop makes in the water. Today I realize, that what happened, is the change in vibration within me.



 Every matter on this planet in this universe has a frequency. A vibration that resonates with other matters it interacts with. In other words, matter is created of energy. Energy is measured in vibrational frequency. Low vibrations resonate with low energy, and high vibrations with high energy. This is not to say of low and high in the most literal terms. A hyper, caffeinated person might appear to have high energy, but in fact it might just be syphening the energy of others, while vibrating on low energetic frequency.

 Once you understand that the universe is just an exchange of vibrational energy of matter, separateness disappears, as we are all the same matter dancing vibrationally to different frequencies. Bouncing off one another. Thus creating synchronicities. These synchronicities, are like nature’s guidance toward a certain path your change in vibration moves toward.

For example, we are all a form of a spiral, known as the fibonnacci symbol, or the spiral of life. Once awareness occurs, a waking follows, and our vibrational energy begins unfolding, thus creating a set of tracks we might be on.

According to a sleuth of  books and other readings from the likes of Alan Watts, Eckart Tolle, Michael Singer etc, we find that this understanding about our universe in fact is the beginning of our own understanding of how we fit in this great big blue and green.

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