Daily Rituals; What’s in Your Morning Cup?

Ayurveda’s Daily Routine practice is called Dinacharya. It is a practice of rituals that align your body, mind, and spirit with the universal principles of life and nature.

When you align with the daily flow of nature you synch with your bio clock, and experience improved overall health, productivity, and creativity in your life. Human beings, like all other living things in this world, are responding to the movement of the Sun and Moon across the sky. Following the Sun cycle is what activates and stimulates particular organ functions in our bodies. The Sun anchors our ability for processing, metabolism and transformation, while aligning with the Moon, we align with the flow of being, through growth and repair.

Invite this awareness into your day and meet each day with intention.

According to Ayurveda, the optimal time to wake up is exactly 96 minutes before the Sun rises. This time is also known as Brahmi Muhurta, the purest force of energy. Waking in this hour cosmologically aligns and attunes you with the most pure and powerful energy for creation and transformation.

Sunrise over Chiang Mai, Thailand

When following this daily morning ritual, you exhibit signs of vitality, grace and clarity, physically mentally and emotionally. 


Make it your due diligence to wake before the Sun rises, and find that waking is easier.  Naturally your brainwaves are programmed to shift into a light sleep during the hours of 3am & 6am. The body and mind are alert and ready to activate and create. However, once you pass that 6am threshold, the brainwaves shift back into deep sleep, so then waking becomes challenging. How is your waking process like?

Do you press the snooze on the alarm way too many times? 

Do you feel tired and the day has not even begun? 

What you do the moment you are awake is also important. Lingering in bed after you awake can shift your mood as you begin vibrating sluggish thoughts.

What if the first thing you do in the morning is actually the part of your day you look forward to?

The way you begin your day is what shapes your life. 

To understand and connect deeper with yourself, observe the kind of thoughts you carry, and feelings you cultivate during your waking process.

Waking before, or with the Sun stimulates vitality, well-being and overall health. It is the purest time in our 24h cycle for creativity, expression and expansion. 

Harness this strength by welcoming presence and intentions into your mornings.


Preparing an intention focused morning ritual in line with this natural process of your biology sets the stage for an empowering daily spiritual growth whilst starting each day explosively.

You surely have a morning habit already. A  set of routines you do almost automatically, without active awareness, like brushing your teeth, or putting on clothes. Likely you are one of many who simply look forward to the “reward” of the morning, Your Morning Cup.

It is already special, the energy around preparing your coffee, cacao, teapot, or simply a glass of warm lemon water. Now, what if, you take this moment in time, welcome it with intention and bring in a kind of dedication to honoring yourself with each sip you take?

When you cultivate awareness in your actions, you find yourself head first with the present, and within this divine time magic happens and everything is sacred. 

How do you welcome yourself into a new day is a powerful practice. 

We all have that cup that gets us going in the morning. What is missing, is intention.


Whether your morning cup is coffee, cacao, or tea, is a decision based on what kind of intention you are welcoming in your day.  After all, you are the creator of your universe and each day is a canvas of opportunity.

Human Beings are attached to the idea that they depend on caffeine in order to start their day. Without that first cup in the morning you cannot truly function. Precisely this belief is the core strength of creating a habit, a ritual. The belief in connection to that morning cup.

What if coffee isn’t just something you need to get through the day, but in fact it is the sacred practice of setting intention into the cup you are drinking that highlights your day?

What if you connect with your morning routine on a deeper level?

Show up for yourself, by harnessing the true nature of whatever it is in Your Cup. 

Connect with focused attention to the properties of the elixir and embody them as part of your goals for the day.


Herbs are the most potent medicines, but only when used correctly. The body has wisdom that resonates with these natural healers, and when you align with this wisdom, the herb is the most powerful potion for you. 

When you seek clarity and alertness in your day, prepare Coffee. When you wish to welcome more of an open heart and creativity, then Cacao is best. To get rid of stress and worries you can steep a batch of herbal tea. Setting the intention you wish to manifest, will bring forth the right herb for your morning cup.

But before it all, Ayurveda recommends the very first thing entering your body upon waking is a cup of luke warm water. 


Alertness in the mind is one thing, however alertness in the gut is often neglected, as we tend to disconnect from our bodies. To realign back with your body,  it is highly important to drink lukewarm water first thing. The water stimulates the digestive juices in your gut, improves your metabolism, and awakens your filtration systems, the kidneys.

When heaviness and lethargy follow you out of bed, then prepare a warm lime/lemon water. This helps incite the fire in the intestines and remove stagnation. Inviting this lemon water with intention, integrates your relationship with your body wisdom. Feel the potency of lemon aroma drift into your nostrils and awaken the senses. It is a simple, easy, accessible way to promote health, and lower the inflammation in your body. 

Lemon water balances the PH levels in your stomach, harmonizes your gut flora, and lowers mucus accumulation. Additionally, lemon water first thing in the morning is great for energizing the digestive juices and enzymes, strengthens the metabolism and promoting weight loss.

Now your body is ready for the day. Let’s stimulate the mind as well. The morning cup ritual helps establish a connection of the body with the mind, by improving the mental states and behaviors of humans. Arriving to this awareness with intention, allows you to communicate with your body’s needs as well. 


Traditionally coffee was used by monks to help them stay alert during their evening meditations. Soon after, the beans moved through continents and into the hands of various tribes, each developing their own cultural ritual in the practice of drinking coffee.

Italians sip espresso throughout the day. Their culture welcomes this drink as a moment of pause, a relaxation, time to catch up in easy conversation with others.

The French use Cafe Au Lait (coffee with milk) served in a big mug so they can dip their croissants in it. 

Chinese however, used coffee as medicine, healing those suffering from lethargy and fatigue, depression and digestive issues.

Coffee Beans are also herbal and therefore medicinal. Coffee increases cognitive ability, stimulates digestion, keeps the liver healthy, and is a vasoconstrictor.

Celebrating this potent elixir daily, will bring you clarity and focus in your day. Keep you alert and motivated. It vibrates to your masculine energy. The energy of doing.

After following a routine of proper cleansing of your body,  focused meditation, and physical exercise, bring your intention into preparing your cup carefully. Bring thoughts and desires forward as seeds you wish to plant for your day and carry them out with the help of coffee, keeping in mind its properties and benefits.


Cacao on the other hand is another way you can charge up your day. Vibrating the feminine energy of the heart center, cacao has been used for centuries as plant medicine and carries with it sacred energies. Known as the food of the Gods, preparing Cacao as your morning cup is indeed a powerful ceremony. Should you wish to stimulate it’s potency, you can add warming spices such as cinnamon, chili and turmeric. This can rev up your day, and set you off on a magical spiral of creativity, focus, and physical expansion of energy. Should you intend to use it for its healing and nurturing aspects, mama cacao helps with fatigue, low blood pressure and reduces stress. It is anti-inflammatory, particularly for your gut, and it’s fueled with nutrients such as Iron, magnesium, protein, potassium and fiber.

This drink is the healthiest thing, and the greatest sustenance of anything you could drink in the world, because he who drinks a cup of this liquid, no matter how far he walks, can go a whole day without eating anything else”.

Hernan Cortes

Holding a warm cup of this Raw Cacao Elixir in your hand envokes the ancient spirits of the Aztecs infusing you with high vibrations and lightning energies. Cacao connects you with Mother Earth, and your heart. Breathe in your intentions for the day as you feel the warmth of the cup in your palms vibrate through the cacao molecules. Stay with this intention and honor it as you sip in harmony. 


Tea ceremonies began as part of Zen meditation practices, where Zen monks uncovered the Beauty in simplicity, thus gathering together in a simple dwelling, they shared tea and observed the shiny simple objects and sounds around them.

Herbal Teas are great when you want to step into your intuitive nature, outside of masculine energy and into the flow of the feminine.  Herbs such as lavender, jasmine, mint and chamomile help you switch off from your sympathetic, into your parasympathetic nervous system. They invoke calmness, meditative state, introspection, warmth and kindness to self. When you atune to your body’s needs the mood will direct you to the right herbal tea leaves. Loose Leaf teas are more potent than that of teabags. 

On a day like Sunday morning, arrive in your divine light, and with intentions of well being, self care and love, be with your teacup of your choosing. Embrace the properties of the herbs, and let the energy infuse within yours. 

Speak to the dried herbs as they steep, and write down your intentions for the day; recite them under your breath as you sip your tea. 


A widely popular phrase that explains the principle of manifestation says; “Energy Flows where Attention Goes”. Among many, Tony Robbins uses this phrase when talking about the awareness of thoughts in his Career and Business oriented blog. He explains that what you focus on manifests. How you harness the law of attraction with the morning cup’s intentions, is where you put your attention to, which means, your days can only be full of possibilities.

Ayurveda has practiced this focused attention for 5000 years. As you become more comfortable in the space  and connect with your body by following an intention focused morning ritual you will stimulate the principle of energetic attraction and manifest the life you want.

Celebrate the beginning of your day with the morning cup, rather than surviving the day. Fueling your morning as the highlight of your day will reconnect you with the Heart and then without reason, your Smile will spread across your cheeks, and the Universe will greet you with gifts. 

Coffee, Cacao, or Tea, all have valuable connections to the sacred spirit of manifestation. Make your morning cup a powerful tool of extracting the kind of life you want to bloom into existence for yourself. Claim back the relationship with your body and bio clock as you initiate parts of Dinacharya in your everyday. 

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