Stepping Into The Womb

A 4 week Program on Feminine Awareness

It is an immersion of the Feminine Stages following Ancient traditions and practices of the Divine Feminine that was lost in translation as civilizations and western societies grew.

We will connect with the Divine Feminine Power and adapt practical tools, daily rituals, and devotions in order to harness this power each week in the 28 day cycle.

Each week we will integrate the ancestry, pelvic anatomy, imbalances, diet and lifestyle energetics influencing our way of being.

Celtics and ancient Druids, ascendants of the Athlentian beings, celebrate the Earth in such a way that helps one unite with the cyclic nature of our planet. In the same way The Earth cycles in one year,  so does the woman in 28 days.

This is an invitation to synchronize your circadian rhythms with Mother Nature, and embrace the phases of the moon. The womb is the birth of the creation of everything.

This program will Benefit women who want a pain free and regular flow, healthy reproductive juices, hormonal balance, synching with your biorhythms and regulating your metabolic functions each week, month and season. Curbing mood swings, and living your best life.

Want to make it more personal?

BOOK YOUR 1-1 consultation during the program for an in-depth guided and customized diet/lifestyle practices according to your constitution, age, lifepath, and current imbalances.

Add on 75$ (regular price of 150$)

Read Feminine Stages, Archetypes and Tidalwaves

What you will learn:

  • How ancient hindu mythology and Ayurveda embrace the feminine in each stage. 
  • Physiology, mental and emotional changes within the bodymind each week
  • Mood swings and hormonal imbalances, and their causes
  • Menarche practice, celebrating the woman and honoring her first bleed
  • Diet and lifestyle awareness that welcome balance and harmony each week
  • How planetary alignments affect each stage.
  • How to heal, attune to, and embrace your role and gift as a woman.
  • Female disorders such as PCOD, Endometriosis, Dysmenorrhea/Amenorrhea, Heavy Bleeding, Perimeno and Menopause.

Invest in your Feminine Health for only: 285$

Get in touch

Questions & Concerns regarding the program and booking/payment options, please reach out directly.

1-1 Personalized Consultations?

Feel free to reach out anytime.

What is Included:

  • 4 live online weekly sessions.
  • Weekly PDF containing, lifestyle and diet tips according to stage of cycle, and season.
  • Guidance, Support and Integration
  • Recorded Meditation and Yoga Nidra sessions (lifetime access)
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