Self Paced Detox Retreat

7 Day Gut Cleanse Detox Retreat


A well rounded customized Seven Day Gut Cleanse Restart and Detox program, following Ayurvedic principles that connect you and synchronize your organs with the elements of nature.

During this week long program, you will experience a pre-plan preparation 2 days prior to 7 day program, and after plan – re-adjusting yourself in the everyday, plan.

The 7 day program offers:

  • Breathwork techniques,
  • Gentle exercise to create intestinal movement.
  • Seven delicious juice recipes that tailor each of the 7 dhatus / bodily tissues.
  • Combination of herbs and teas to stimulate and keep the fire alive
  • Short meditation techniques.
  • Two light meals, recipes and preparations per day.

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