Ayurveda Foundations Course

You have Asked, and so here it comes…. An online Foundations Course.

Ayurveda is Everything. A life continuum. A union between Mind=Body and Soul.. Ayurveda teaches you how to live in your ideal balance and cultivate a constant state of wellbeing, This course focuses on the understanding of the foundational principles of life learned almost 7000 years ago.

The course will cover:

  • Ayurveda History and Definition
  • Indian Philosophies
  • 5 Element Principles
  • 3 Doshas / Understanding your constitution
  • The 6 Tastes
  • The Gunas
  • Agni, the principle of transformation
  • Dhatus- Bodily tissues and their functions
  • Trimalas- Bodily Wastes and their detoxing function
  • Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle practices/ Dinacharya
  • Treatments and therapy basics
  • Individual Constitution Analysis and Consultation

An intimate setting of a small group will join 11 Live Online Class Discussions over a period of 3-6 weeks, based on the group’s pace.

Invest in yourself, and share your healing with others. Limited Spaces Available!!!

Feel free to reach out at ayurcourse@unearththis.com for further info, alternative payment methods or to confirm your spot.

Ayurveda Foundations Course

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